ParaTech A/S was founded in 2004 by prof. Christian Kapel, dr. Allan Roepstorff and prof. Stig Thamsborg.

ParaTech has permission from the Danish Medicines Agency (DMA) to produce a biological medicinal product containing Trichuris suis eggs (TSO) for human administration.

ParaTech has a patent-protected production which has supplied phase 2 clinical trial on IDB (Intestinal Bowel Disease) approved by EMA and FDA .

ParaTech has a global patent on the isolation, cleaning, and maturation of T. suis eggs in a liquid solution (granted: US, EU, Japan, China, Russia, Australia, Hong Kong. Pending: Canada, Brazil).

ParaTech has a patent on computer vision based Quality Control of potency, purity and concentration of TSO in liquid solution (Granted: US, Pending: EU).

Other patents are pending.

ParaTech is developing other technologies supported by the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.