ParaTech was founded in 2004 by prof. Christian Kapel, dr. Allan Roepstorff and prof. Stig Thamsborg as a spinou from University of Copenhagen.

ParaTech is licenced by the Danish Medicines Agency (DMA) to produce a biological medicinal product containing Trichuris suis eggs (TSO) for human administration, and has historically supplied a range of studies including phase-II clinical trials on IDB (Intestinal Bowel Disease) sponsered by others under EMA and FDA guidelines.

ParaTech has a patent on the isolation, cleaning, maturation and dose formulation of T. suis eggs in a liquid solution.

ParaTech has a patent on computer-vision based Quality Control of potency, purity and concentration of TSO in liquid solution.

Other patents are pending.

ParaTech is developing other technologies supported by the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.