The new building for stabling, production, and laboratory facilities

In 2012, new facilities was constructed in The Science Park (SCION DTU) including stables, laboratories, and offices. Ethical clearence and permission for animal experimentation were granted in 2013. The facilities is exclusively by PT and separated from other animal facilities. No other domestic animals production are located within a 5 km radius.

Main characteristics of the building are:

  • ParaTech exclusive activities.
  • Triple barrier confinement.
  • Separate units for stables, laboratories and .

At a separate, ParaTech has a back-up laboratory and secured storage facility which serve as long-term storage of stability samples, Master Egg Bank backup, retained samples, and QA documentation.


Additional Research facilities

ParaTech has an ongoing research collaboration with the University of Copenhagen. In the contract with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, the University provides laboratory facilities for several research projects.